India Beats Usa to Finish Ninth at Women Hockey World Cup

Goalkeeper Madhuri Kindo shone under the crossbar as India showed remarkable resilience to beat the USA 3-2 in Sudden Passed away and finish ninth at the Women’s World Junior Hockey Championship in Santiago.

In an exciting qualifying match, both India and the USA showed tremendous courage as the match ended 2-2 in regular time. Kindo then scored an incredible save in Sudden Passed away, while Rutaja Dadaso Pisal calmly converted his shot to lead India to victory.

In the scheduled 60 minutes, Indians Manju Chorsiya (’11) and Sunelita Toppo (’57) each scored a goal, while Kiersten Thomassey (’27,’ 53) scored a double for the USA.

In the thrilling penalty shootout, Mumtaz Khan and Rutaja Dadaso Pisal successfully converted their chances for India, while the latter also scored in Sudden Passed away to secure India’s victory.

On the other hand, Katie Dixon and Olivia Bent-Cole managed to score for the USA in the penalty shootout.

India dominated the start, relentlessly pressed on the United States and penetrated its defense several times.

Chorsiya’s goal, perfectly placed from the first penalty corner, gave India a deserved lead in the game. Driven by this advantage, India maintained an aggressive game and kept the United States under constant pressure.

However, in the last minute of the quarter, the USA still managed to win a penalty corner, but they could not take advantage of it, as the first quarter ended with a 1-0 lead of India.

Aiming to maintain their lead in the second quarter, India focused on possession and constantly penetrated the circle of the USA. Despite their efforts, the US defended solidly, thwarted India’s attempts to increase the gap, and launched counterstrike on its own.

This tactic proved to be effective, as Thomassey’s precise blow equalized the score and showed the resilience of the United States.

India launched a barrage of strike in the third quarter, exerting relentless pressure on the US defense. Despite several close mistakes, including after a penalty corner, India failed to convert their chances into goals as the 1-1 draw continued.

At the beginning of the last quarter, India won an early penalty corner, but their efforts to transform it were unsuccessful.

It was the United States that, on the contrary, took advantage of the opportunity when Thomassey scored his second goal and put his team in the lead.

As time passed and the score was stacked against them, India stepped up its rude efforts. Their determination paid off when Toppo scored the equalizer with a brilliantly placed shot from a penalty corner and put them back in the lead.

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